Plant Walks

Whether it's a walk through the woods, an open field, a city lot, or through the weeds, I enjoy exploring nature. Each plant walk teaches me new things.


I offer "weed walks," among other types of plant identification walks, to people interested in discovering what plants might be in the yard or on neighboring land. During the walk we look for wildflowers, medicinal plants and edible plants. Of course, we also learn about plants which are less enjoyable such as poison ivy. Sometimes, we see other intriguing aspects of nature involving birds, bugs, etc.


Each month brings different plants to an area. Also, plants show us different aspects of themselves through the seasons.


I photograph the plants we find during the plant identification walk. Later, I create a photo book as a memento of your experience. The book shows the plants discussed during your specific walk and provides a visual record to assist with remembering the names and identifying characteristics.


Plant walks are great fun for children as well as adults. To design your particular plant walk, contact me at:


e-mail: angelyn AT treehaven DOT org

Photo books created after plant walks