White pine blessings

White pineI’ve been reading about Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus) and how its needles (with Vitamin C) can be used to make pine tea.  Today I also found a recipe for pine oil, pine oxymel and pine salve (reportedly useful with muscle aches).  I decided it was time to make one or more of these healthful creations so I went for a walk in the woods.

I’ve always appreciated the white pine tree.  I love its overall growth habit, the hint of blue in its green needles, how it moves in a breeze, and how calm I feel when I sit beneath it.  After asking permission of a number of different white pines, I gathered some pine needles.  Then I found a few trees with small bits of pine resin on their bark.

White pine resinI was able to gather some of the resin — including the small protruding bit of white visible on the right in this image.  There was less than one teaspoon’s worth which I was able to harvest.  I proceeded to make the smallest batch of pine salve imaginable.  And yet, it was enough to fill this small container.

Pine salveNow I have even more reasons to love the white pine and be thankful for its blessings.

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