Those pesky keys in field guides

Crested dwarf irisOnce upon a time . . . many years ago . . .  I hiked in the woods and found beautiful wildflowers and wondered what their names might be.  So I purchased a field guide with lovely color photos and felt certain this field guide would give me the answer to all my questions for every wildflower I might see.

After a few years . . . I could not find all the wildflowers and forest plants in the field guide.  So I purchased more field guides — some with color photos and some with illustrations.  I was satisfied with looking through lots of pages in the field guides until I found a matching photo or illustration — and identified the plant.

And then . . .  I became dissatisfied with the inefficient method I was using to find the plants in the field guide.  Oh yeah, each book had a key for the best way to narrow down the choices to the one “right” choice of plant name.  So I began to learn each book’s key methodology.

Until . . .  I created as a place for people to learn how to identify a plant.  I realized the variety of keys used in field guides can be overwhelming to figure out.  So I created a set of videos demonstrating exactly how to use each type of key.

And the happy ending is . . .  the set of six videos will soon be available for purchase at — so you, too, can easily learn to use keys to efficiently, effectively and correctly identify plants which are new to you.

Join me in creating your own plant identification success story with a happy ending.  Sign up for early notification (via email) and you’ll be the first to know when the videos are ready for purchase.  (By the way, it’s quite probable there will be a special price for those who jump on board first.)

Are you ready for “A Detailed Study of Keys Used in Field Guides?”

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