Spring flowers keep on a-comin’

Trillium grandiflorumA friend gifted this particular Trillium grandiflorum to me three years ago.  Each year it comes back more splendidly.  This year I saw it with as many as seven blossoms at the same time.  I believe the ants are doing their job, too, because I saw a much smaller non-blooming plant nearby.  (The ants spread trillium seeds when they enjoy the trillium’s fruit body.)

I experience spring as a rather long season with many plants in bloom during these months.  And yet, they bloom in very rapid succession so I feel challenged to keep up with everything (in fact, I probably don’t).  This post focuses on wildflowers — with an acknowledgment of all the other wonderful cultivated flowers we see during spring.

Yellow violetIn addition to the more widespread purple violet typically found in a lawn, the yellow wood violet and white Canada violet are showing their glory.

Canada violetThen there’s the sessile-leaved bellwort . . .

Sessile bellwort . . . and large-flowered bellwort.

Lareg-flowered bellwortFor now, I’ll leave you with one close-up image of chickweed:


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4 Responses to Spring flowers keep on a-comin’

  1. Claire says:

    I love the bellwort! Nice photos! Thanks, Claire

  2. Margaret says:

    Such great photos! The bellwort is beautiful. Thanks for this great site and all your information. It’s much appreciated!

  3. Paul says:

    Large-flowered bellwort was given the Latin name, Uvularia grandiflora, by Carl Linneaus because he thought that the flower resembled a UVULA dangling downward at the back of a persons throat.

  4. Margaret Osha says:

    Thanks so much, love your blog!
    Margaret Osha Vermont

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