Rose hip harvesting

Rose hipI planted a rose bush (Rosa canina) a few years ago.  This year there were some lovely looking rose hips that I decided to harvest.  Then I was puzzled.  How do I “process” them?  A bit of Internet searching indicated it would be good to remove the “seeds with hairs.”

Well, I did not get around to this until after the hips had been drying on the counter for a long, long time.  When I did pick up the knife to slice a rose hip open, I found it was easy to cut.  And I found all those seeds . . . with lots of small hairs which felt like they could be really irritating.

Rose hips and seedsNow that I’ve studied this photo more closely, I see I need to go back and brush off the hairs even more from the hips.  I did nibble a tiny piece of rose hip while working with them and found it deliciously tart — as I had anticipated given its reported Vitamin C content.

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