Could this be comfrey?

100702 Wild comfreyI found this plant in the woods last July and could not figure out what it was.  The leaves reminded me of the comfrey plant (shown below).

100616 Comfrey (closeup)And yet, the leaves are really quite different.  So I waited.  I saw the plant again recently and noticed it had a flower stalk . . .

110419 Wild comfrey (closer)I waited some more.  Now it’s blooming:

110426 Wild comfrey110426 Wild comfrey #3 (closeup)And now I’ve been able to identify it:  “wild comfrey” whose scientific name is Cynoglossum virginianum.  How very exciting to realize I was on the right track by thinking it resembled the common comfrey (Symphytum officinale).  Even though they are not in the same genus at all.

I did check on whether wild comfrey is a medicinal.  The only reference I could find is that the Cherokee have had some medicinal uses for its roots.

For now, I delight in the successful adventure of finding, identifying and admiring this plant.

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