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Chickweed harvest

I found some incredible patches of fresh Common chickweed and celebrated by making chickweed pesto.  The pesto is a blend of olive oil, garlic, sunflower seeds and parmesan cheese — with the chickweed.  Mmmmm . . .

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Herb sprinkles

I recently watched a video of Rosemary Gladstar as she made some “Antioxidant Herbal Sprinkles.”  When I looked at the ingredient list, I realized all the herbs were growing in my garden.  Hurrah for parsley . . . . . … Continue reading

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Green smoothie — on the wild side

This is so cool . . .  I have been reading about adding foraged greens to a blended drink.  So I tried it out.  I found a nicely sized bittercress plant in the yard.  After picking the plant and removing … Continue reading

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Found veggies stir fry

I visited the vegetable garden which is recovering from the dry hot summer weather.  The vegetables did not do well this year–especially since I did not water them during the dry weather.  So I was delighted to discover these two … Continue reading

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Dandelion pumpkin soup

I’ve been harvesting dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) lately.  Some of the plants are now sitting in their menstruum for the next six weeks as I make a dandelion tincture from the whole plant.  I found some really beautiful dandelion leaves and … Continue reading

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Drinking shiso

The garden produced an abundance of shiso this year (as noted in the spring sprouting of hundreds of shiso seedlings).  Since the shiso is beginning to grow its beautiful flowers, which will be followed by thousands of seeds that I … Continue reading

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