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Watermelon smoothie

This year’s garden produced one large 23 pound watermelon and many smaller watermelons.  After getting them to the “ripe and ready to eat” stage, I wondered how to eat so much watermelon.  I experimented with making a watermelon smoothie . … Continue reading

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Muscadine harvest

A month ago (above photo), the muscadine grapes started ripening.  As they ripened even more (photo below taken two weeks later) . . . . . . I began eating a few each day.  And recently, I had enough ripe … Continue reading

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Another volunteer

Here’s another volunteer which appeared in a vegetable bed this spring — a watermelon plant.  Well, actually I think it’s two or three plants.  It grew nicely and bloomed . . . . . . the female flowers were fertilized … Continue reading

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Hard and fast light

After a couple hours of pulling weeds from around the berry plants (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and some of the strawberries), I looked up from my task and noticed the trillium (Trillium grandiflorum) blooming.  Well, I just had to get a … Continue reading

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Sights, smells and sounds of spring

The peach tree’s flower buds are swelling.  I love that deep rich pink color at this stage of their growth. As I knelt down to find the fox’s grape (Fritillaria uva-vulpis) blooming, I crushed the dead stalks of bee balm … Continue reading

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Beautiful bountiful berries

Black raspberries, red raspberries, yellow raspberries. . . The red raspberries are just now ripening.  The yellow ones taste like the red ones — absolutely rich raspberry flavor.  The black raspberries are large and plentiful this year.  Their flavor is … Continue reading

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Spring with red fruit

Strawberries began ripening a week ago.  And tonight . . .  the first cherries from the cherry tree planted last year. Mmmmm.  Fresh fruit — sweet . . . and tart . . .

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Resilient fig

I love fresh figs which I first tasted from a productive outdoor fig some years ago. I decided to plant a brown turkey fig in a sunny spot close to the house, protected from winter winds and in rather poor … Continue reading

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Spring brilliance

The Sweet William is in its glory.  So many wonderful flowers are showing up and shouting out.  Each day reveals another one. In addition to the flowers calling to me, the nut and fruit trees are producing crops this year.  … Continue reading

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Berry garden pruning

The raspberry plants are leafing out. This afternoon’s coning (and conversation) included the Deva of the Garden and the deva of each type of berry plant in the berry garden. I wanted guidance on how much to prune the raspberries, … Continue reading

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