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Pollinating Turk’s cap lilies

This Turk’s cap lily began blooming recently.  Early in the morning, the petals were just beginning to open and the anthers were full. Within a few hours, the sun rose and the pollinators arrived. Here’s a close view of the … Continue reading

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Trellis play

Check out the trellis I made with green limbs of black locust.  It is wire-tied to some T-posts driven into the ground.  Bentwood trellis work intrigues me and I wanted to apply it within my landscape.  This trellis supports a … Continue reading

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More spring flowers

Two different flowers are up and waving at me.  I have not previously experienced either of these beauties which I planted last fall.  The one above is a “Lion King dutch iris” while this next one is a “camassia ‘Blue … Continue reading

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Turk’s cap lily

I planted this Turk’s cap lily last fall.  Recently, its buds have been growing and swelling.  Then. . . . sproing!  Yesterday it appeared in glorious color.  The blooms are smallish and as of today there are three of them. … Continue reading

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Spring brilliance

The Sweet William is in its glory.  So many wonderful flowers are showing up and shouting out.  Each day reveals another one. In addition to the flowers calling to me, the nut and fruit trees are producing crops this year.  … Continue reading

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In memory of Princess

Last June one of my dogs, Princess, died and I buried her on the property.  That same day I planted this rhododenron in her memory.  And then came the crazy winter with so much snow and bitter cold, all of … Continue reading

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Spring buds and blossoms

Each day I long for more spring flowers.  And I find them.  Here are a few photos of what is beginning to bud or bloom.

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Talking to plants

Tonight I heard Jennifer McLean share her observation about a tree she loves.  She lives in an upper level apartment from which she can see this particular tree.  Yesterday she was comparing a similar tree in the same position relative … Continue reading

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After such a long and unusually snow-filled winter, I have been searching for the least little sign of spring. I found it! The flower bulbs, including this hyacinth, are putting up green shoots. The crocuses are also beginning to show … Continue reading

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