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This morning I noticed something amazing — the green leaves of a healthy cyclamen growing along the driveway.  And then I remembered . . . over three years ago I had planted cyclamen bulbs in three places.  Two of those … Continue reading

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Lost and probably lonely bluebird

As I drove up to the house from work tonight, I saw a golf-ball-sized gray ball on the ground where I park and two bluebirds on the peak of the garage.  Well I’d never seen the bluebirds sitting up there … Continue reading

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Bluebird tales

So. . . I’ve built two bluebird houses over the years and one of them tends to be a home for chickadees while the other has been occupied by bluebirds. (The photo above shows this year’s chickadee babies in the … Continue reading

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Incredible spring sounds and sights

As I began my day with breakfast on the front deck, I noticed a lot of chirping and realized there was a flock of small birds nearby.  Unfortunately, not quite near enough (even with binoculars) to see them clearly.  I … Continue reading

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Vegetable garden beds in winter

This morning I couldn’t resist standing outside in the low 30 temps until I captured just the right moment for recording the winter vegetable garden as the sun and fog rose.  (I wanted a truly representative photo to submit to … Continue reading

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Death of a ruffed grouse

Over the past seven years I’ve delighted in hearing a male ruffed grouse “drumming” in the woods.  A few times I’ve even flushed it from its hiding place.  However, I have never been able to see the bird clearly. A … Continue reading

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Bluebirds in winter

Okay, so maybe December 3 does not qualify as “winter” yet, however we’ve certainly had some extreme winter weather already.  So I was amazed to see bluebirds flying around the bluebird house this morning.  There were at least three distinct … Continue reading

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A pair of bluebirds decided to build their nest, in a house located at the top of a grapevine post, in February.  Later, they abandoned it for another house near the asparagus bed. Here they are (still courting in April) … Continue reading

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Spring garden planted

It has been gently raining (thankfully) for a couple days and today I finished planting all the spring garden seeds as I dodged the raindrops. Once I was back inside the dry house, I looked at the now pouring rain … Continue reading

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