Boneset appreciation

BonesetYears ago, I planted some boneset seed in a new herb garden bed.  It sprouted and grew.  Since then, the plant has expanded and grown stronger.  For the past several years I’ve been harvesting the boneset leaves for both a tincture and (mostly) for tea.  When I feel a bit “icky” during cold season, drinking boneset tea really helps relieve any symptoms of an oncoming cold.

Although the plant has expanded in breadth and seems more lush with growth each year, I have wished for it to grow in new places.  Despite all the flowers and subsequent seeds it produces, I’ve never seen the plant spread elsewhere.  Until a few days ago when I began pulling tall grass from an area I wanted to clear.  I thought I spied a small plant with a familiar leaf.  It was only about six inches high.

BonesetI carefully cleared around the plant and checked it over.  Yes, it has the boneset leaf shape.  Yes, the leaves are perfoliate.

BonesetYes, the plant is hairy all over its stem.  Yes, the new growth at the top looks like the larger and more mature boneset.

BonesetHurrah!  I finally have a new boneset plant started.  Thanks, nature!

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