Bluebirds in winter

BluebirdOkay, so maybe December 3 does not qualify as “winter” yet, however we’ve certainly had some extreme winter weather already.  So I was amazed to see bluebirds flying around the bluebird house this morning.  There were at least three distinct bluebirds and they each took turns going into the birdhouse.  Surely they’re not thinking of building a nest NOW???

I shot the above photo this past February — shortly after the bluebirds returned to the area.  This reminds me that they do tolerate some bitter cold weather which frequently occurs after their early “spring” arrival.  I was surprised to see them today since I thought they had already left for the season.

ADDENDUM:  December 6 . . . The bluebirds are still here and still checking out the birdhouse.  Are one or more of these bluebirds the progeny from this year’s nesting season?

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