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Colorful beans

I love the look of these beans with all their varied hues.  They are actually the same type of bean: Kentucky Wonder green bean seeds.  As they dry out, they turn from light green to tan in color.  I expect … Continue reading

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Gathering those crowder peas

I’ve been harvesting the bean pods from the crowder pea plants for weeks now.  It’s nearing the end of the season and very few pods remain on the plants.  One day I collected nearly a five gallon bucket full . … Continue reading

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Black snake rescue

Four days ago I went out in the morning to discover that a pile of split and stacked wood had fallen.  “Ah well, I’ll just have to try again and do a better job of keeping things level or tilted … Continue reading

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Creating a hoop house (eventually)

I want to have fresh greens during the winter season without having to go outside to cover a lot of vegetable beds (in the bitter cold and wind) prior to bad weather setting in . . . and then going … Continue reading

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