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Another volunteer

Here’s another volunteer which appeared in a vegetable bed this spring — a watermelon plant.  Well, actually I think it’s two or three plants.  It grew nicely and bloomed . . . . . . the female flowers were fertilized … Continue reading

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Creating new bed with nature

There’s an area of grass that I’ve been wanting to convert to some more beds.  I finally started turning over the soil and removing the grass this summer.  Next, I opened a coning with the Deva of the Gardens and … Continue reading

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Startled toad startles me

As I picked up an old trash bag tonight — preparatory to inspecting it for any more ant nests, etc. — I was startled by something jumping toward me.  I saw a toad land inches from my foot.  Cool.  I … Continue reading

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Lost and probably lonely bluebird

As I drove up to the house from work tonight, I saw a golf-ball-sized gray ball on the ground where I park and two bluebirds on the peak of the garage.  Well I’d never seen the bluebirds sitting up there … Continue reading

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Fraser magnolia

Last year I received information during a nature coning to plant a fraser magnolia (Magnolia fraseri) in a new space on the property.  Here’s a view of that small tree when I first transplanted it to the new “shade garden.” … Continue reading

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Prolific volunteer

A couple months ago I noticed a bean plant volunteered to grow in this garden bed.  I’ve been watching in amazement as it has grown up, down and all around its environment.  The above photo hints at its spread. Turns … Continue reading

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