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Bluebird tales

So. . . I’ve built two bluebird houses over the years and one of them tends to be a home for chickadees while the other has been occupied by bluebirds. (The photo above shows this year’s chickadee babies in the … Continue reading

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Pink lady’s slipper

Magnificent!  And right on time . . . the pink lady’s slippers are blooming.  This year I found two of these delightful flowers.  Last year I could only find one. When bending close to the flower and getting your nose … Continue reading

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Hummingbird clearwing moth

As I was standing over the newly blooming sage, admiring its purple color and the size of the plant, I noticed a new pollinator.  I watched for a bit, knowing that I was seeing a hummingbird moth for the first … Continue reading

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Could this be comfrey?

I found this plant in the woods last July and could not figure out what it was.  The leaves reminded me of the comfrey plant (shown below). And yet, the leaves are really quite different.  So I waited.  I saw … Continue reading

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