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Bottling the essence

After months of sitting and brewing on a counter, these tinctures were more than ready to be bottled and used.  Today I gathered, cleaned and sterilized the bottles and droppers.  I decided to start with the valerian roots.  As I … Continue reading

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You’ll Rue the Day . . . a Tale of Two Plants

The following article was contributed by Linda Thoman, Lifetime Georgia Master Gardener and Keep Morgan Beautiful volunteer coordinatoor Rue in history & literature (Chuck Lower, UGA emeritus, leads a Shakespeare Reading Group in Madison, GA called “Shakespeare lives here”) : … Continue reading

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Time to plant the peas

I’ve been eager to get this year’s vegetable garden started — ever since we had a small “heat wave” in February.  Finally, I made time to connect with the non-physical elements of my garden (especially the Deva of the Vegetable … Continue reading

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Sights, smells and sounds of spring

The peach tree’s flower buds are swelling.  I love that deep rich pink color at this stage of their growth. As I knelt down to find the fox’s grape (Fritillaria uva-vulpis) blooming, I crushed the dead stalks of bee balm … Continue reading

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Life cycles

It’s wonderful to see the cycles of life and seasons move onwards.  Today I discovered the frog eggs have hatched and hundreds of tadpoles cling to rocks and vases in the pool.  After so many cool, cloudy days and another … Continue reading

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