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Saving tomato seeds

I’m a seed saver.  This morning I began cutting this lovely tomato (rescued from bitter cold a few weeks ago and ripened in the house) when I realized it had a lot of seed I might want to save.  I … Continue reading

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Sweet gum goodness

I used to live in a house which had lots of black locust trees in the yard — along with one good-sized sweet gum tree (Liquidambar styraciflua).  Although folks complained about the “gum balls” which dropped on the ground and … Continue reading

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Fall’s gifts

After the snow two weeks ago and subsequent bitter cold nights, there’s not much green or flowering visible in the gardens.  One exception is this water hawthorne (Aponogeton distachyos) — an aquatic plant.  Its white fragrant blooms are delightful amid … Continue reading

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I awoke this morning to unexpected (by me) snow.  At least two inches deep.  Probably more came down and, since the ground is still warm, a lot melted before I awoke to the falling white magic.  Yesterday afternoon I checked … Continue reading

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