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Boneset syrup

Fresh from the refrigerator . . . boneset syrup.  I made this a couple weeks ago in preparation for winter cold and flu season.  I was unsure if I would need it since I do not often get colds (although … Continue reading

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Hanging out to dry

Goldenrod has begun blooming in my area.  This is one patch of it just outside my front door.  I began harvesting last week and this morning I harvested another armload. I stripped off the not-so-nice leaves and hung the three … Continue reading

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Sweet everlasting

I found this plant last year by the stone blessing circle . . . and could not figure out what it was.  This year I am seeing this plant all over the place and, with my improved plant identification skills … Continue reading

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Praying bean?

I was harvesting some late beans which had grown on some recovering bean plants and reached down to pick this bean.  Just before I got to it, I realized it was a very green praying mantis. Okay, not a bean … Continue reading

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