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Pollinating Turk’s cap lilies

This Turk’s cap lily began blooming recently.  Early in the morning, the petals were just beginning to open and the anthers were full. Within a few hours, the sun rose and the pollinators arrived. Here’s a close view of the … Continue reading

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Planting white sweet potatoes

Although red sweet potatoes are one of my favorite foods, I enjoy white sweet potatoes even more.  They have a heavier texture than the red ones and taste a bit “nutty” to me. I saved a few white sweet potatoes … Continue reading

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Beautiful bountiful berries

Black raspberries, red raspberries, yellow raspberries. . . The red raspberries are just now ripening.  The yellow ones taste like the red ones — absolutely rich raspberry flavor.  The black raspberries are large and plentiful this year.  Their flavor is … Continue reading

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Hovering around plantain

Coming in for a landing. . .  an American hoverfly attracted to a blooming plantain stalk. As I was photographing a close-up shot of the two plantain stalks, I noticed the American hoverfly coming into viewing range.  Here are a … Continue reading

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Herbal immersion

I recently spent a week with thirty (plus) women as we learned about specific local herbs–with Corinna Wood of Red Moon Herbs.  Mugwort, pictured above, is a new herbal ally for me.  When I got home I searched for, and … Continue reading

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Green-eyed fly

As I was walking back to the house I noticed a flurry at my feet.  Upon closer inspection I found these flies mating.  They remained still for a long time (after I stopped walking near them) so I was able … Continue reading

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Looking like a frog

Some of the tadpoles are developing front legs as well as back legs now.

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