Co-creating with nature and non-physical energies

My inspiration toward personally working with non-physical energies came from reading Machaelle Small Wright’s books. First there was Behaving As If the God in All Life Mattered. I followed that up with her two garden workbooks. After learning and practicing kinesiology for a while, I was ready to connect with the nature energies in my vegetable garden. My first vegetable garden created through a coning with nature occurred about 1995.


So what exactly is a “coning?” According to co-creative science, it is the connection with two types of energies -- involutionary (represented by the devic and nature spirit energies) and evolutionary (represented by the white brotherhood and human energies). When I open a coning for the gardens at Tree Haven Resource Center, I always include the Deva of the Garden. Then I ask for other devic energies which are appropriate for the questions I will be asking. Lastly, I include a special connection with my higher self. This is the simplest and most frequent type of coning I do. It includes both involutionary (devic) and evolutionary (human) energies.


Depending on the project, I may open a coning with more than just the devic energies and my higher self. In these instances, I include Pan (nature spirit overseer) and members of the white brotherhood associated with the project.


I close all conings after my Q&A is complete by thanking each type of energy I had included in the coning and acknowledge my release of that energy from the coning.


I use a coning whenever I am working in my gardens. More frequently now I open a coning when working on a larger project which could be classified as a “soil-less” garden.


I wrote an article in which I shared my experiences with gardening co-creatively when I first began a vegetable garden at Tree Haven Resource Center in 2005-06.


Although I do not see or hear the devas, Pan or members of the white brotherhood, I certainly feel the answers to my questions through the kinesiology process. What is really fun to me are the times when I can feel the answer to my question flowing energetically down my arm before it reaches my fingers. This contributes to my increased trust in my own intuition.