Website Design and Development

Long, long ago (in Internet time — this was actually about 2001), I designed a website for a company in which I was a co-owner. Then in 2004, I taught myself enough of the DotNetNuke open source web content management system (CMS) software to create a new website for East Coast Sage Circle. (They have since changed to a different design with different software.) Somewhere along the way I figured out how to use Freeway Express (a Mac-based program) to create the first Tree Haven Resource Center website.


I studied Adobe's Dreamweaver software in 2010. After learning Dreamweaver basics, I developed and currently maintain websites for WNC Group Homes, Soulful Service, NC Community-Based ICF/MR and CAP Services Providers and Tree Haven Resource Center. In addition, I developed a Wordpress based website for Identify that Plant, Experiencing Nature and New Earthlings Press. I continually learn and implement best practices with both website design and development.



e-mail: angelyn AT treehaven DOT org