Gardens and Gardening

What is a “garden” anyway? Initially, I regarded a “garden” as a place to grow vegetables. I had an “aha” moment when I talked about my “garden” with someone who did not know me and discovered they thought I was talking about flowers rather than vegetables.


I began wondering how many kinds of gardens exist and realized the list is probably endless. One day I spent some time with a friend just thinking of gardens and quickly came up with the following types:

Finally, I realized my definition of “garden” most closely matches that explained by Machaelle Small Wright of Perelandra . . . A garden is defined by a human being and it is jointly created and maintained by that human and by nature (however “nature” is defined!).


And that led to my embracing the exciting idea that everything can be a garden. The garden may be rooted in soil or it may be a “soil-less” garden such as a project, a job, a relationship . . .


I share my experiences with gardening and co-creating in "Garden Conversations." Come join me in the conversation.

Vegetable garden beds