“Wild” green salad

Common chickweed

Common chickweed

I’ve been enjoying some fresh salad greens for a couple months — despite the cold wintery weather.  Gradually I am learning which “weeds” are actually edible in a salad.  So . . . with the addition of chickweed, sheep sorrel, bittercress, plantain and oxeye daisy leaves, I’ve had some really great salads.  I added these wild greens to the bits of bok choy, arugula, lemon balm, garlic chives and carrots I’ve scrounged from the winter garden.  Granted, most everything is pretty small right now and I selectively harvest from the wild edibles because I want the plants to flourish later this spring and summer.

There’s no photo of these delicious salads because every time I’ve thought about taking a photo . . . I’ve already eaten the salad!

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