Vegetable garden beds in winter

Winter vegetable bedsThis morning I couldn’t resist standing outside in the low 30 temps until I captured just the right moment for recording the winter vegetable garden as the sun and fog rose.  (I wanted a truly representative photo to submit to Gardening Gone Wild’s “Picture This Photo Contest” this month.  Guest judge and photographer, Andrea Jones, requested a photo which shows the special atmosphere of the landscape around my home.)

Despite the dreariness of winter weather, with repeated cold snaps and piles of snow, I find a beauty in morning sunrises and looking over and through the trees to the mountain valleys and ridges.  Sometimes, when the clouds or fog lift, I can see those mountains refreshed with a new covering of white even as I’m surrounded by brown vegetation and red dirt.

This morning as I waited for the fog to lift off the mountain tops, I heard the roaring of the full creek at the bottom of my hill along with bird song.  To my delight, I heard bluebirds!  I kept an eye out for them and finally saw a pair fly over to inspect the bluebird house which awaits new occupants.  (Look closely . . . the female is fluttering and entering the birdhouse while the male sits on the wire in the right foreground.  Apologies for not having a closer and crisper photo — they were far away and I did not have the correct lens on the camera.)

Two bluebirds

Hungry for more signs of an approaching spring, I wandered through my landscape looking for additional bits of green.  I found a hyacinth rising through the leaves.

Hyacinth (closer)And I saw this lovely red wintergreen (teaberry) plant.

Wintergreen (teaberry)As the day began to warm a bit, I heard frogs “quacking” in the pool.  I looked and found at least six frogs floating and darting through the water.

Three frogs

Three frogs enjoying warmer water

The frog cycle continues.  And spring is cycling around to us again.

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4 Responses to Vegetable garden beds in winter

  1. Donna Brok says:

    Your submission is very good and does look like a very special place. The mountains in their lavender hue is quite a juxtaposition to the garden below. It looks like a meeting of earth and heaven.

  2. Hello Angelyn, and nice to meet you! I was checking out fellow entries at the GGW photo contest. I love your entry and what I’ve seen of your blog and your place. Point me towards more info on the co-creative principles, please! Jack

    • Angelyn says:

      Jack, thanks for checking out this blog. My favorite resource for learning about co-creative principles is Machelle’s website ( An easy, enjoyable and quite mind-opening book to read was the first one I ever picked up of hers: Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered. Also, here’s a link to my website where I talk a bit more about my experience with co-creating in my garden (

  3. Town Mouse says:

    It’s so interesting what browns and grays can convey — lovely picture!

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