Useful usnea

UsneaLast week I made the difficult decision (for various reasons) to cut down a large oak tree.  This week I’ve been cutting the long pieces into shorter lengths so that I can split it for firewood.  In the process of sorting through the twigs, branches and limbs and expressing my gratitude for the warmth they will provide in the future, I realized some of the branches were covered with lichens.  Among others, the lichen called usnea was all over this tree.

UsneaWow!  Another blessing from nature.  I gathered a lot of it and made a quart of tincture from it (as shown below).  Here’s an article with information about its medicinal usefulness.

Usnea tinctureThere’s so much usnea that I’m sharing it with an herbalist friend and will still have plenty to save for future tinctures.

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