The allure of ginseng

GinsengEver since a friend and I found this ginseng plant growing (and previously flowering) near where she lives, I have been intrigued by ginseng (Panax quinquefolius).  I looked up information about it in identification books, in medicinal herb books and on the Internet.  Then I walked my property (granted, not all of it) and searched for ginseng.  Couldn’t find any growing here at all.

Last week I received a regular e-mail from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange — from whom I have ordered plants and seeds on many occasions — reminding me they have ginseng seed and roots for sale.  How could I resist?  Today I received the two-year-old roots from them.

GinsengNicely packaged and in great condition.

GinsengI opened a coning with the Deva of this property, the Deva of the Garden and the Deva of Ginseng.  After finding out the team’s recommendations for where to plant the ginseng, I went out in the woods and (with the team’s help) selected ten specific locations.  My intention is to grow the roots for several years until they flower and create seeds which I can plant for further propagation.  I expect to use the ginseng roots for personal medicine making.  Once the new roots were planted, I closed the coning and expressed my gratitude for the recent rain we’ve gotten.

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  1. nik says:

    Hello. Would you be willing to say any more about “opening a coning with the Deva of this property, the Deva of the Garden and the Deva of Ginseng.” I’m intrigued at the notion and your specific language and approach to dialogue with these entities. Thank you.

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