Tadpole update


Here’s where we left off at the end of March – tadpoles growing within their eggs and leaving the gelatinous egg mass for the bigger pool surrounding them.

Since then I have been watching these guys grow and attempting to capture their growth in photos (a very frustrating process for me since I have trouble getting clear focused shots of them no matter how I approach the task and no matter which lens I use).  I have managed to get some shots to share with you.

Three tadpoles

April 12 - three tadpoles hanging out in sunny spot


April 25 - definite eyes and a "frog" shape to body

Tadpole with legs

May 23 - Tiny legs in back

The tadpoles vary in size now.  I watch them shoot up to the surface of the water, twist on their back to open their mouths and feed, then dart back down to the bottom of the pool.  Here are a couple photos of a tadpole feeding.

Tadpole feeding

Open mouth feeding (background tadpole with legs)

Tadpole with beetle

Nibbling on dead beetle

Now just what is the difference between a “tadpole” and a “polliwog?” Check out the answer and get lots more information about these guys here.

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