Sweet potato harvest (or not)

Sweet potato bedLast night the temperature dropped below freezing and we had our first frost of the season.  When I awoke this morning I thought about the white sweet potatoes I planted in June. I knew it must be close to time to harvest them — if there were any there.  Due to the very dry summer and the fact that I was so late in planting them, I was uncertain what I might find.

I connected with the Deva of the Garden and asked if it was time to harvest the sweet potatoes.  I got a strong “yes” response.  When I checked the beds I could see that some of the leaves were browned from this morning’s frost (above photo).  So I pulled up the plants and this is what I harvested:

Sweet potatoYep, that’s it.  The total of all those slips I had planted and all the leaves which had grown during the summer fit within one hand.  Quite disappointing.  I also noticed that of the few sweet potatoes which had gotten some size to them, most looked like they had been eaten.  I guess the numerous voles (who have tunnels all throughout the vegetable garden beds), enjoyed them.

Sweet potatoAh well . . . I wanted to share this “failure” with you just to illustrate that even a garden co-created with nature is not always full of luscious productive plants.  After curing these few sweet potatoes, I will cook and enjoy them.

As most gardeners I know will say in response to situations like this, “There’s always next year!”

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