Startled toad startles me

110825 P1460245As I picked up an old trash bag tonight — preparatory to inspecting it for any more ant nests, etc. — I was startled by something jumping toward me.  I saw a toad land inches from my foot.  Cool.  I bent down to study him/her.

I picked up the bag again to finish my inspection for ants (or more toads) and turned back to the toad in front of me.  Now where the heck is that toad anyway?  In the blink of an eye, with my head turned, that toad had moved so that I could no longer see it.  I searched and searched in all directions and finally found it a foot behind me.  Okay, now let’s see if it will stay still enough for me to get back in the house and get my camera to take photos.  (It did.)

So . . . can you see the toad in the top photo?  The camouflage is superb.  Here are two more photos — going eye to eye with the toad.

110825 P1460254110825 P1460263

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