Spring garden planted

Spring garden

It has been gently raining (thankfully) for a couple days and today I finished planting all the spring garden seeds as I dodged the raindrops.

Once I was back inside the dry house, I looked at the now pouring rain and saw a brilliant blue in the laurel.  Wow!  The indigo bunting is back!

Indigo bunting

Here’s a closer view of this gorgeous bird.  Unfortunately, it is a bit fuzzy since the photo was taken through a window screen and lots of raindrops.

Indigo bunting

The hummingbird continued visiting the bird feeder until the rain was just too much for him.  He rested on a branch and kept shaking himself free of excess rain.


I also discovered why this bird sometimes looks  “ruby throated” and sometimes does not.  The red color shows when he shifts his feathers and reveals them from under the green feathers as he moves his head and stretches his neck.

Ruby-throated hummingbird

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