Sights, smells and sounds of spring


The peach tree’s flower buds are swelling.  I love that deep rich pink color at this stage of their growth.

Fox's grapeAs I knelt down to find the fox’s grape (Fritillaria uva-vulpis) blooming, I crushed the dead stalks of bee balm which surrounded it.  I began clearing the old bee balm stalks and their strong aroma greeted me and confirmed for me that it is now the beginning of Spring.

For several days I’ve been hearing the wild turkeys calling in the woods.  And, even though the frogs have mated, made their egg masses and the tadpoles have hatched . . . still I hear the frogs calling out.  In delight with the warmer weather and the sun shining on their pond?

Tomorrow is the Spring Equinox — with much needed rain predicted for the day.

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