Saving tomato seeds

TomatoI’m a seed saver.  This morning I began cutting this lovely tomato (rescued from bitter cold a few weeks ago and ripened in the house) when I realized it had a lot of seed I might want to save.  I frequently check in with the Deva of the Garden about saving a particular fruit’s seed.  So I asked if I should save this seed and received a “yes” response.

I gathered the seeds on a plate . . .

Tomato seeds on plate . . . transferred them to a measuring cup and added some water . . .

Tomato seeds in measuring cup . . . then stirred and poured off the pulp which had risen to the top (several times).

Tomato seeds in measuring cupNow the seeds are sitting in fresh water for a few days.  This will allow the seeds to separate from the remaining pulp which will ferment.  Later I will place the seeds on a plate to dry thoroughly.  (I’ve tried drying tomato seeds on a paper towel which was not a good idea.  The seeds stuck to the paper towel so I ended up planting little pieces of paper towel with several seeds attached — kind of like a “seed tape” which you can buy for some types of vegetable seeds.)

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