Renewed faith in plants

Vegetable bed

Newly planted vegetable bed

A week ago I put the first seeds in the ground for this year’s vegetable garden.  Since that time the weather was extremely hot and dry before getting rain one day and cooler more spring-like temperatures on the following days.  I continued to plant vegetable seeds this weekend (mizuna, komatsuna, arugula, chinese cabbage, chard, beet and endive).  And continued digging up the wild blackberries which insist on spreading into the vegetable garden.

Vegetable bed dug up

Vegetable bed after digging out wild blackberries

Tonight I checked the beds where last week’s seeds were planted.  Oh joy!  They have sprouted and are coming up under the straw mulch.


Daikon sprouts

Somehow, with all the snow and cold weather this winter, along with the  unseasonable heat wave, I became uncertain that seeds could or would sprout.  I felt such relief and gratitude when I saw the tiny green shoots.  I removed one daikon sprout and tasted it.  Wow — definitely radish flavor.  I love it!  Thanks, nature.

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