Pulling on the windchime


How odd . . . one of the windchime tubes is being pulled at an angle . . . and there is no wind blowing.   Look!  A huge spider web from the windchime over to the deck post.

Spider web

Let’s see if I can get a better photo of it from the opposite side . . .

Spider web

Unfortunately the camera picked up a lot of glare from the windchime.  Hopefully you can get a sense of the size of this web.  Here is where the web attaches to the windchime . . .

Web to windchime

Now wait a minute!  I think the spider is inside the tube . . .

Spider in windchime

Spider inside windchime

Yes!  Look how the spider has its legs touching the web – waiting for dinner to be caught and jiggle the lines.  Here’s a bit of a snack – a mosquito still struggling to free itself . . .

Mosquito in web

Here’s a view of the center of the spider’s web.

Spider web

Lovely abstract art.  And when I zoom in on some of those lines, I see an image that reminds me of an electron microscope image.

Spider web

Incredible.  And even more incredible is the fact that this web (and spider in the windchime) have gone through more than one thunderstorm – with no damage to the web and no destruction of the connection to the windchime.  In fact, most of these photographs were taken after a storm (and after a few days of noticing this spider’s web).

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  1. David Perry says:

    Pure magic and great observation! Thank you.

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