Pollinating Turk’s cap lilies

Turk's cap lily

This Turk’s cap lily began blooming recently.  Early in the morning, the petals were just beginning to open and the anthers were full.

Turk's cap lily

Within a few hours, the sun rose and the pollinators arrived.

Pollinating Turk's cap lily

Here’s a close view of the Augochlora green metallic bee on the lily’s anther.

Augochlora green metallic bee

Later in the day, when I visited the lily again I noticed the anthers had shrivelled.  And no pollinators were hanging around.

Turk's cap lily

Since then I observed this sequence repeat itself with each new bloom — lush anthers attracting pollinators (primarily these “sweat bees”) which fade into dried-up bits hanging from their filaments.

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