Planting white sweet potatoes

White sweet potatoes

Although red sweet potatoes are one of my favorite foods, I enjoy white sweet potatoes even more.  They have a heavier texture than the red ones and taste a bit “nutty” to me.

I saved a few white sweet potatoes from last fall’s harvest.  They began sprouting leaves during the winter as I kept them in a cool spot in the house.  Now that the ground is warm, it’s time to get them in the ground.  So today I opened a coning with the Deva of the Garden as well as the deva of the sweet potatoes and asked where to plant these sweet potatoes.  They were to go in two different vegetable beds.

White sweet potatoes

I cut the sweet potatoes into pieces with some sprouts on each chunk.  Then I planted each piece in the beds, watering them well since the ground is quite dry today.

Planted sweet potato

This procedure is an experiment for me.  In the past I have planted whole sweet potatoes in potting soil, kept the soil moist, and then cut the new shoots off and planted them.  I have also purchased plenty of sweet potato starts and planted those.  This is the first time I simply cut the sweet potatoes into pieces without first putting them into potting soil.

Gardening for me, and for most gardeners I suspect, means just trying things out and discovering what happens.  It’s all a learning and “growing” experience.

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