Of valerian and garlic


This photo shows my “mother” valerian (Valeriana officinalis) plant which I grew from seed a few years ago.  Each year it comes back larger and stronger.  Two years ago I noticed another valerian plant growing some distance away from this one and last year a third plant appeared near the pools under the deck.  When I began studying how to preserve the medicinal qualities of herbs, I came across valerian.  I decided to make a tincture of its roots (using the more recent plants).  Here it is beginning its infusion process.

Valerian tinctureA curious thing I noticed when harvesting the roots . . . My two cats were in love with this plant.  One grabbed a rootlet and played around with eating it.  The other rolled in the dirt turned up from digging the plant.  When I held him later I detected valerian’s distinctive odor on his fur.

As for the garlic . . . It is time to plant fresh garlic cloves in the garden.  I opened a coning with the Deva of the Garden and the deva of the garlic bulbs to find out the best place(s) to plant the cloves.  There were three basic locations — one in an herb bed, one in a vegetable bed and one in a flower bed.  I planted the garlic cloves from the three bulbs in the specific recommended beds.  The herb bed is one in which I have grown garlic in previous years.  Garlic is a slow grower and I am looking forward to lots of it next year.

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