Muscadine harvest

MuscadineA month ago (above photo), the muscadine grapes started ripening.  As they ripened even more (photo below taken two weeks later) . . .

Muscadine . . . I began eating a few each day.  And recently, I had enough ripe muscadines to keep a bowlful at hand.

MuscadineI love the first burst of sweet flavor followed by lip-puckering tartness.  Spitting out the large seeds reminds me of eating watermelon.

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2 Responses to Muscadine harvest

  1. Dewi says:

    My husband starting to plant a few grapes in our backyard. I think I’ll ask him to include this variety. It’s beautiful, and the way you described the taste, makes my mouth water.

  2. It’s been SO long since I have bought and/or eaten a grape with seeds. These look delicious and are making me want to run out and find some. I remember only eating seeded grapes as a child, loving to see how far I could spit the seeds. Yet today, I am trained like a Pavlovian dog to buy seedless. I am going to go back to the good old grape with seeds.

    Great photos.

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