CyclamenThis morning I noticed something amazing — the green leaves of a healthy cyclamen growing along the driveway.  And then I remembered . . . over three years ago I had planted cyclamen bulbs in three places.  Two of those places had beautiful cyclamen flowers each of the past three seasons.  I had forgotten that I planted some in this third location.  And there they were!  I’m sure the leaves had not shown themselves in prior years in this spot.  I find nature’s timing — and persistence — to be incredible.  It did not matter that the plant had not sprouted leaves for so long.  What mattered is that they did finally arise.

Yesterday I witnessed two other miracles.  First was a bluebird darting around and singing.  I thought all the bluebirds had already left for the winter as we’ve already had some cold days.

Secondly, I saw a monarch butterfly (with fresh wings) seeking nourishment from the last few blooms on the butterfly bush.  I had just been reading a lovely post about the monarch butterflies (and the related links in that post to some detailed photos of the monarch’s life cycle).  Surely all the monarchs were already on their way to their wintering grounds.  And yet, here it was — just like the bluebird — gracing me with its beauty.

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