Lunch after the rain

Beans, tomato, turnip

After several weeks of hot dry weather, the vegetable garden suffered and I could not bring myself to pay it a visit.  Then rain arrived – several downpours – and I still avoided the garden.  The weeds which had grown during the dry time were now overwhelming me with their size and quantity.

I finally visited the vegetable garden today.  I was determined to at least pull up all the wild blackberries which were invading the vegetable beds and paths.  That I did.  In the process, I found lunch!  The yellow tomatoes had started ripening and several were over-ripe.  One was edible.  The red noodle beans were prolific again.  And the turnip provided greens and a bit of a developing turnip.

The chore (weeding) became a delight (fresh vegetables to eat).

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