It’s official – Spring!

On this first official day of Spring, I welcomed our warmest and sunniest day this year.  Today the bed with the single blooming daffodil a few days ago has erupted in dozens of glorious yellow blooms amid green foliage.

Frog floating in poolTwo weeks ago I heard frogs “quacking” in the small ponds.  After carefully, and ever so slowly, moving closer to them, I captured this guy (or gal?) hanging out.

Frog eggsI spotted the first mass of frog eggs nearby.  Yesterday, I discovered many more hundreds of frog eggs in the ponds.  Today, the first mass of frog eggs is now a group of tiny tadpoles within egg sacs.

Frog tadpolesCan you see the difference between the two photos?  In the first, the eggs are round black spheres.  In the second, the tiny tadpoles are forming and wriggling.  (I know, you can’t really see the wriggle.  Trust me, they were wriggling.)  Here’s a closer view of those wriggling tadpoles in their egg sacs.

Tadpoles in egg sacsThis is my first experience with being able to watch the frog eggs become tadpoles.  I hope to see and photograph more of this miracle in the next few weeks.

Welcome, Spring!

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