Incredible spring sounds and sights

Violets, johnny-jump-upsAs I began my day with breakfast on the front deck, I noticed a lot of chirping and realized there was a flock of small birds nearby.  Unfortunately, not quite near enough (even with binoculars) to see them clearly.  I suspect they were goldfinches since I’ve seen a couple of them around lately.

Even as I was admiring them I heard the ruffed grouse drumming and the bluebirds trilling.  Oh yeah, and the brown thrasher singing its varied repertoire.  The wild turkeys are closer and calling every day, too.

I went to the vegetable garden to plant more beds and heard, once again, the bees buzzing loudly in the redbud tree.

Now, here’s the sound which has really intrigued me . . .  A few nights ago, I heard it at dusk very close to the house.  I went outside but it was getting too dark to see.  Then I heard it at dusk again the next night.  I thought to myself “a tree frog?” although I have no idea what they look like or if this was their sound.  This morning I heard it again — so close.

Frog baskingI took a break from planting seeds and sat next to, and somewhat below, the little pool created next to the house.  I had noticed the frogs were more active and gave the alarm call every time they saw me.  Now I saw them come up from the bottom of the pool and just sit basking in the warmer air.  Ooohhh. . .  there’s that sound again . . . coming from the frog I was just watching.  LOOK!  He’s inflated the air sac and that’s who is making the mysterious sound!

Frog croaking

I crept away — below his eye level — got to the house and retrieved my camera. Crept back again and got these photos.  All day I’ve been hearing one or more of these guys calling out.

Frog calling

This afternoon I heard a new screech kind of sound — so close, so close.  I waited and looked out the window over the pool.  A minute later a large bird flew off from the deck above the pool.  I believe it was a hawk since I heard its typical screeching call a bit later from the direction in which I’d seen it go.

What an amazing day for sounds and sights.  This doesn’t even relate all the wonderful plants I saw coming up and beginning to create flower buds.  I’ll have to post about those another time.

I wonder what more I will see and hear today?  And what have you been hearing??


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  1. C says:

    Wow….this is a wonderful story….thanks for telling it with such exquisite pictures and words!

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