Hummingbird clearwing moth

Clearwing hummingbird mothAs I was standing over the newly blooming sage, admiring its purple color and the size of the plant, I noticed a new pollinator.  I watched for a bit, knowing that I was seeing a hummingbird moth for the first time and wanting to savor the experience.

Then, I made a quick request to the hummingbird moth and walked a fast pace back to the house for the camera.  Not having time to get the appropriate lens on the camera, and hesitating to get too close to the beautiful creature, I shot the photo you see above.  After getting several more photos, I returned to the house and cropped the images closer.

Hummingbird clearwing mothHummingbird clearwing mothHere’s a link to more information about the hummingbird moth.

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  1. Claire says:

    WOW….thanks for your keen observation and for taking the time to capture several shots.

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