Herb sprinkles

I recently watched a video of Rosemary Gladstar as she made some “Antioxidant Herbal Sprinkles.”  When I looked at the ingredient list, I realized all the herbs were growing in my garden.  Hurrah for parsley . . .


. . . sage . . .


. . . rosemary . . .


. . . and thyme . . .

ThymeI carefully dried each herb, then used a suribachi set (a Japanese mortar and pestle) to grind them into smaller pieces or a powder.  Some of the herbs dried faster than others.  So I was able to easily space out the grinding process over different days.

Next, I pulled out some dulse (seaweed) I had in the pantry.  Then toasted the sesame seeds.  Here’s everything in the bowl — ready to be mixed.

IngredientsLastly, I mixed all the ingredients together for a taste test.  Wow!  This is so delicious.  The dulse adds just the right amount of “saltiness” to the blend.  And the freshly toasted sesame seeds warmed up the herb sprinkles.  What a delightful taste treat.

SprinklesI now sprinkle this on everything I can think of when cooking.  And I even eat it “out of hand” sometimes.

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