Harvesting and sowing seed (with toad)

Vegetable bedI am a seed saver.  My tendency has always been to let plants go to seed just so I can observe and photographically document the process.  Another benefit is that I have seed from plants which grew in my garden and therefore the seed is specific to this microclimate.  (Also saves on the cost of purchasing new seed.)  In addition to harvesting plants for medicinal tinctures and herbs for culinary use, I’ve been harvesting seed from the vegetable garden. Yesterday I harvested two kinds of lettuce, radicchio and golden chard seeds.

I opened a coning with the Deva of the Garden and various other non-physical energies related to the vegetable garden.  The fall garden has been overdue for planting.  In this coning, I made clear my desire to select some vegetable beds which were closer together because I have found it difficult to cover plants during the winter when they are scattered in portions of many different beds.  The non-physical team obliged and selected six beds in an overall rectangular grouping.  I also requested a less complicated and more straightforward planting scheme.  I got it.  And today I planted the “fall” (probably more like “winter”) garden.

Now here’s the fun part . . .  After uncovering the bed by removing the previous season’s straw mulch, I ran my fingers through the (dry) soil to break up any clumps, remove any stones which had risen to the top, and smooth the surface.  In one bed (pictured above), I found a large object as I was scraping through the soil with my hand.  It moved and I jumped a bit.  Turns out a toad had settled into the soil.  I guess it was ready for hibernation although the weather is warmer right now.  I immediately apologized to the toad and covered it up with soil — mentally noting its location so I would not disturb it again when I planted seeds.

Toad in dirt

After I scattered the appropriate seeds in the previously designated portions of the vegetable bed, I noticed the toad had risen up through the dirt a bit and its eye was peeking out.  I lightly sprinkled water on the bed and the toad who moved again when the water came down.  The toad breathed gently and occasionally moved its eye to watch me.

Can you see the toad in the photos above?  Here’s a closer view.

Toad in dirtHint:  Look for the toad’s eye in the center of the photo.  The body extends to the right.

After I finished watering the bed, I carefully re-placed straw on the newly planted seeds and the toad.

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