Shiso with hailAnother summer thunderstorm moved through this afternoon.  Oh my. . . that sounds like hail!

Watching out the window, I saw hail coming down and it got bigger . . . and bigger . . . and I couldn’t believe I was seeing hail this large.  I prayed everything would survive this storm.

Hail and shisoI grabbed my camera and — from protected decks — I quickly took photos.  Then, even as the hail stopped and the rain continued to pour down, I stepped outside and . . . the smell!  It smelled like fresh herbs and pine.  Of course . . . the plants had been torn by the hail and were perfuming the air with all their scents.

HailThis hail was incredible to me because (1) I had not personally experienced hail this large — up to one inch at the longest dimension, and (2) the hail was not round as I expected from other photos I’ve seen of large hail.  Instead the hail had sharp points all over its surface.  It looked like it had formed from many columnar pieces of ice — merged together.

Lettuce with hailSuch an amazing experience.  And the vegetables look fine.

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