Green-eyed fly

Flies with green eyes

As I was walking back to the house I noticed a flurry at my feet.  Upon closer inspection I found these flies mating.  They remained still for a long time (after I stopped walking near them) so I was able to get some great photos.

Here’s a shot to give you some sense of their size among the ground cover:

Flies with green eyes

After much searching, I can only conclude these insects are some type of fly.  Turns out there are thousands of species of flies.  I could not find anything close to these two with their particular body shape.  They are definitely called “flies” though because they have two wings which is the definition of a fly.

Flies with green eyes

I also learned the fly having “eyes which meet dorsally” is the male (on the left in the first photo) while the fly with separate eyes is the female (on the right).

If anyone knows an accurate name for this fly, I would love to hear it.

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