Fraser magnolia

100530 Fraser magnolia #2Last year I received information during a nature coning to plant a fraser magnolia (Magnolia fraseri) in a new space on the property.  Here’s a view of that small tree when I first transplanted it to the new “shade garden.”

100801 Fraser magnoliaAfter that, this fraser magnolia had a tough time with not quite enough rain and too much sun.  It died.  Or so I thought.  It gamely put forth a new set of leaves and, once again, it died from bugs eating its leaves to nothing.  This spring I could not find any indication that it was still alive.  Every so often, I would check on it though.

And one day I saw a bit of green in the center of the straw mulch.  Now is that really the fraser magnolia?  Or is it another weed coming up in the straw?  I waited and watched.  Oh. . . it looks like it could be . . . .  The view on July 2:

110702 Fraser magnoliaThe leaves have brown spots like they are stressed.  They also do not have the tell-tale “ears” at their base.  The view on July 16:

110716 Fraser magnoliaThere are actually two shoots coming up from the same rootstock.  The leaves are starting to look more like the typical mature leaf.  The view on July 31:

110731 Fraser magnoliaLooking good!  And the view today:

110814 Fraser magnolia #2Yes! The fraser magnolia has survived and is thriving.  We’ve had ample rain this year with only a couple dry periods.  I’m sure that helped.  I love the shape of this tree’s leaves:

110814 Fraser magnolia (closer)And, someday, this tree will be as grand as the one pictured at the top of this post!

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