Found veggies stir fry

Acongagua sweet pepper

I visited the vegetable garden which is recovering from the dry hot summer weather.  The vegetables did not do well this year–especially since I did not water them during the dry weather.  So I was delighted to discover these two red tomatoes and the Acongagua sweet pepper (my first successful pepper this year).

Tomatoes and pepperI wandered among the garden beds, looking around and pulling out dead vegetation.  I found a green bean plant which was thriving!  I added those beans to the harvest.

Beans, tomatoes, pepperNext, I found a bunch of Yellow Perfection tomatoes.  I save the seed from these and, for the past four years, they have reliably produced wonderful yellow tomatoes.  Oh look!  Here are a couple red noodle beans to add to the mix.  And some yellow beans (who knows what kind they were supposed to be . . .) which are over-ripe.

Yellow tomatoesLet’s see . . . here’s a vibrant nasturtium flower.  And a Peking Black crowder pea pod full of nicely dried beans.

Basket of veggiesNow I wonder what herbs I might add to the mix?  Yes!  Parsley is doing quite well again.  And some basil would be lovely.

Basket of veggies and herbsNow that I found so much wonderful produce from this “dried-up” garden, I decided to cook it all for dinner–with some onions and tempeh.  (I ate the nasturtium flower while cutting up the veggies and saved the crowder peas with other dried beans.)  Isn’t this gorgeous?  I love the taste of freshly harvested and prepared food from my garden.  It satisfies my soul as well as my palate.

Veggie stir fry

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