Eastern milk snake tied in knot

Eastern milk snakeOne of my cats found this Eastern milk snake and was doing the usual cat-thing of tossing it around.  I managed to get the snake to a safer place and keep the cats away.  An odd thing about this particular snake is that it was tied in a knot.

Eastern milk snakeI wonder how it managed to do that?  Maybe it was startled while it was curled up and did not correctly unwind itself?  You can get a sense of the size of this snake–which looked like a fairly young one to me since it was less than a foot long and only about one-quarter inch wide–by comparing its body with the blades of grass.  Also, the dark berry near it is one of the small berries from the blackberry lily plant.

I checked on it a bit later and saw it was stretching out and away from where I had placed it in some overgrown vegetation.

Eastern milk snake

The Eastern milk snake (Lampropeltis triangulum triangulum) eats critters, rodents and venomous snakes, among other things.  It would probably eat the cricket which is resting over its tail if it were not so stunned by the cat encounter.  I sure hope it can untie itself and live a long (20 years or so), healthy life.

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